Why Coding?

Coding is playing a more significant role in our everyday world and should be conceived as an essential language, more important or at least as important as English, that everyone needs to acquire to connect and communicate with the rest of the world.

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1-year Fullstack Coding Program

Suitable for Age 5+ kids.

Emerge children with programmer's mindset today! At the end of the 12-month course, students can use coding to create, modify and replicate any Apps on App Store!

Students will be able to learn all basic coding logic, namely if-then conditions, looping commands and many more, behind well-known apps such as Airbnb, blending in with nowadays technology to create powerful assets for our communities.


Understand the Coding Environment

What are Operating Systems? . How are Android and iOS different?


How Coding is applied in the World

Tesla and its coding with robotics . Apple and its coding with apps . Airbnb and its coding with websites


Grasp all Coding Logics needed

Variables . Conditionals . Loops . Sequencing . Logic Operators

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Priced at HKD$1,480 per month; 4 sessions lasting 1 hour 15 mins each.

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Holidays Special

CNY Coding Bootcamps (Age 4+)

Enrich the new year by learning the new universal language - Coding!

A 3-day short coding course to learn about the basic syntax of specific programming language designed for kids of any age. Through learning fundamental coding logics, the course aims to strengthen student’s critical thinking, improve problem solving ability and cultivate concentration ability.


Course Details

Students can select from a wide range of courses including Dash & Dot, Hopscotch, Minecraft, App Inventor and 3D Printing.

The course will take place on Feb 21th to 23th consecutively; with each session being 2.5 hours per day.

It will be priced at HKD$2,220.

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